Keating Express Delivery

Welcome to our Keating Express Delivery Page. Delivering your news with pride.

We work hard to get you your paper each and every day. Please know that several things affect the time your paper reaches you such as:
*The time the papers reach the paper depot
*The weather
*Where you are positioned in the routes
*The day of the week (Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday are the heaviest delivery days)

Please call 651-356-5228 if you believe that your house has been missed and we can let you know where we are in the route and when to expect your paper to arrive.

If you have a specific spot you would like you paper placed please let us know at and we will do our best to accommodate you.

If you are going on vacation please let us know either by phone or email when you will be gone and whether you would like us to save your papers to deliver to you upon your return. You must do this, in addition, to calling the newspaper (Pioneer Press 651-717-7377). The newspaper can be a bit slow in delivering messages so it is always advisable that you contact us as well, especially for short stops.

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